I write. A lot. For a few reasons:

  • I think best by writing it down, it is how I make sense of the world. My first career was in journalism and it is still itching
  • People still read, it is a good way to scan, to seek, to get pointers from a variety of sources. To see life through a different pair of eyes. It is like getting a second life, like being able to try out something new. And then you find a few morsels you like and bring them back
  • Giving back. Other people’s writing was instrumental on my own path. I am now able to share some of my own work. Most of what I share in writing is free. Not everyone is able to or wants to have a coach, but everyone should be able to get help on their journey to make a next step.


Free resources here to get you started on your journey

Coming soon: My chapter in “Global Challenges in CSR and Sustainable Development“. (will, of course, feature values :-))

Featured in The Book of Beautiful Business with a deconstruction of a coaching process.

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Book: Values-based: Career and Life Decisions that make Sense – out now!

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Preview of the book “The Decisive Edge“, to launch in 2020 

There are several projects in the works right now (various stages of review, or diarized but not out yet), so ping me if you are curious. Once they launch I’ll be shouting them from the rooftops 🙂

And of course I blog, right here. And on Medium

Guest blogs and articles:

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Article: Responsibilities, Resources and Reflective Practice: Turning Global L&D Challenges into Advantages. Trainingjournal.com

Guest Blog for the 2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum: Using Values as common guidelines for action in complex ecosystems

Essay at Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation: Secular Activism: Values as a Means to invite greater Depth 

Guest blog at the Charity Learning Consortium: Top Tips to Bring your Values to Life

Guest blog here at Tom McCallum’s: Your pain and where to put it (to work) 

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My article series on the Life Coach Directory on personal development and coaching itself:




My artistic practice (artworks and reflection)

130 character twitter stories 

Insta drop: A Love Letter to the Sea 

On a slightly different angle, I published a poem+illustration in this book, hobb poemaffiliated with the House of Beautiful Business.