From one of my entrepreneur clients (new entrepreneur looking to build his business, based in Brazil):

As a coach Christine works as a broad mirror. She will show you the obvious things that you just cannot see for yourself, which is absolutely necessary. They say that one don’t make it far just by having esoteric ideas and implementing them, but that you actually will go far by not forgetting the basic and doing it right.
As a young entrepreneur I was all the time focusing on the details and going far away from the basic, urgent and strategic tasks, but Christine managed to show me that I might be losing focus of the important things in my project. Not only that, she also guided me in areas that I was avoiding because of lack of confidence and experience, such as managing other people.
All in all I can only say that her support really helped me in my way as an entrepreneur and as a person.”


References available upon request, just ping me.

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