100 blogs later – review and reflection

This is blog number 100. If you had told me I would have published 100 blogs 15 months after starting, I would have laughed you out of the house. There was no plan, I was hoping for a monthly frequency after having built a few examples to not start empty. I started how I start … Continue reading 100 blogs later – review and reflection

Examples of values and how they play out in life

As you are getting to know your own values and what they mean to you, here are some examples of core values, what they mean and how they can play out in life. Success part 1 | Success part 2 | Success part 3 Creativity Money Trust Family Tradition Contribution Safety Learning Optimism Inspiration   What are … Continue reading Examples of values and how they play out in life

Question assumptions

"When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME". I don’t say this (completely) flippantly, there is some truth in this. I first heard this from a quasi-mentor a few years back. It was spot on. I was running on quite a few assumptions about a pretty big decision and it wasn’t helping. … Continue reading Question assumptions

What does “better” look like?

We talked about perfection in my last post, now that we have hopefully loosened up a bit on that one, let's look into what "better" looks like.  Let's face it, if we are breaking new ground, what "good" looks like might not be clear to us, and that makes it very hard to plan for. … Continue reading What does “better” look like?

On perfection (stop that)

...great one to get re-started after a long holiday weekend... When making changes, we often make the mistake of comparing our old established, well-rehearsed old life with something new we haven't even built yet. It is completely unfair to expect that level of perfection. Unfair to the new thing, and unfair to ourselves as well. … Continue reading On perfection (stop that)