Our many roles and how they affect our decision-making

Who am I? Good one, right? Let’s narrow it down a bit. Which role am I playing as I am making that decision? We all wear multiple hats, and sometimes we are not conscious who we are, or "which one of me" I should be in the moment I decide. Most of the time it … Continue reading Our many roles and how they affect our decision-making

On speed

Our lives consist of multiple facets that all grow and develop. Just not all at the same speed - remember puberty? (Hormones vs neocortex in the neverending battle of "is that actually a good idea"). Later, as our adult lives are chugging along, unless we get pushed from the outside, we rarely stop and check … Continue reading On speed

On approval (you’re OK)

Looking to make change can be a bit scary. What if the new thing is not in fact better? What will the others think? Will I lose respect? Will they (still) be proud of me? They were so happy when I got XYZ, what if I now want something else? Holidays can be especially tricky … Continue reading On approval (you’re OK)

What does “better” look like?

We talked about perfection in my last post, now that we have hopefully loosened up a bit on that one, let's look into what "better" looks like.  Let's face it, if we are breaking new ground, what "good" looks like might not be clear to us, and that makes it very hard to plan for. … Continue reading What does “better” look like?