Elephants from afar: Tuning into the Global Peter Drucker Forum

Intense two days with so many threads and topics and inspiration, most of it still fermenting, some being distilled, some still ripening on the branches. The following will focus on the experience of attending virtually more than the details of the content. A snapshot in time, reflecting out loud. If you want neat bullet points … Continue reading Elephants from afar: Tuning into the Global Peter Drucker Forum

Peace is a verb

Reposting a twitter thread from last year for remembrance day. Still holds true. @ChristineLocher Remembrance Day. (1) walk with me… The picture of Macron and Merkel made me well up. I grew up in Germany, and at every family reunion, the second toast (after the one to the person/occasion) was always to “l’amitie franco-allemande”. To … Continue reading Peace is a verb

Meet the values: Learning

Today’s #value is #learning. It can be utterly seductive so you will stop everything else, or it can be something you are told to do or else. Still. You have been learning all your life and you are pretty good at it (forget if folks told you the opposite). What you learned made your life deeper, broader, wider … Continue reading Meet the values: Learning

More questions than answers (that’s the work)

Your look, full of expectations, seeking help, wanting an answer. Your big upcoming decision, the pressure from a deadline or a contract running out. That pain or discomfort seeking release in a better future. So, you say, what should I do? As a coach, that is not the role. Some of the questions might resonate with … Continue reading More questions than answers (that’s the work)