Play outside the fence

We all have our routines, our events and networks, our ways of making sense of the world. It all kind of makes sense in our little garden, we know where things are, and that is why we like it. I am going to propose something different: Go somewhere else. Have clients in a specific industry … Continue reading Play outside the fence

Reflective Practice – supercharge your growth

If I could recommend only ONE thing to supercharge your own growth and development, it would be self-reflection. Not just occasionally when things went wrong, but as an ongoing way of working with yourself. Most people check their teeth and the tires or oil in their cars more often than they check in on their … Continue reading Reflective Practice – supercharge your growth

Values and Integrity: It’s what happens next that is critical

Values etc, it is of course all nice on paper, but at some point, as you start living your values out loud they are going to be tested. This is where the stuff happens that truly matters, and when you are going to have to take action to preserve what you are looking to create for … Continue reading Values and Integrity: It’s what happens next that is critical

Book: Values-based   "Values-based - Career and Life Changes that make Sense" This short, practical book helps you identify core pain points and then helps you do something about them. We go deep and then make it practical so you can make the kind of change that is going to start moving things in a better … Continue reading Book: Values-based

On reflection. The BIG picture.

Today's value is #reflection . Taking a step back and look at the bigger picture and how that might change over time. I am a participant in a long-term research project about religion, spirituality and worldview and every few years I get interviewed with quite in-depth questions covering  life/death, good/evil sorta stuff, key incisive moments in life and … Continue reading On reflection. The BIG picture.