Identifying your values: Time, money, energy

Values are what underpins a lot of our behaviour. Often, this is unconscious, so looking at what we actually do can help us identify what matters to us underneath. So, let's play detective. Let's look at the patterns that drive what we do. What do you spend your time on? When you have a choice, … Continue reading Identifying your values: Time, money, energy

Values and shifting cultures

How do our values become our values?  A lot of it has to do with how/where and with whom we grew up, culture, family, religion etc. What people say, and, more important, what people do. Culture as "the way we do things around here" (there are books full of definitions what "culture" is). What gets … Continue reading Values and shifting cultures

Devil’s advocate – your new best friend

We humans want to be liked. We want people to like what we do. It feels great. It also seriously limits the scope for our decision making. To really get a sense of the lay of the land, to analyse, generate options and then come to a sound conclusion, we need as broad and realistic … Continue reading Devil’s advocate – your new best friend


If values are what makes you YOU, decisions are how they come to life in practice. You are striving to reach a goal (several, probably). Is there a connection between your values and the goal you are working towards? It is infinitely powerful when that clicks. You want that to click. That’s where the magic comes in, … Continue reading Decisions