This page contains useful resources from my coaching, training sessions etc.
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Values-based: Career and Life Changes that make Sense — get it here:

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Play around to discover more of your values and how fulfilled they are here 

More background about coaching and the coaching process:

Youtube playlist on coaching and what it does

What is coaching and what does it do Blog Post

Coaching: More questions than answers (that is the work)

Deconstruction of a coaching process 

Coaching vs therapy

“Chemistry” call/meeting Coach-Coachee: Chemistry meeting Coach-Coachee and article on Life Coach Directory

Explore coaching styles overview and article on Life Coach Directory on this.

My coach profile is here.

Start exploring on your own:

Get your free values workbook here.

Example of living a value out loud – craftsmanship is one of mine:

Areas of life and how they can develop at different speeds

Conversation planner