Bespoke Masterclasses and consulting work

Decisions, values and change with a solution-focused lens are my “shtick”.

I run bespoke masterclasses for this, whether that is a lunch-and-learn, an impulse session for a team offsite or company event, standalone content or a module in your leadership offering.

Happy to share some examples, e.g. recently at Learning Technologies.

I also offer consulting to support you through change, whether you are starting up something new, or growing or changing something existing. As always, values are front and center, as is going deep and making it practical thereafter.

And yes, that can be fully virtually as well. I do that a lot. It works 🙂

Let’s have a chat! 

Here is what my clients say.

Here is a session I did recently on inclusion.


This is what this could look like

(workshop photographs by Adam Dale “The Space Shooter”):


Some feedback from past participants:

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