Bespoke Masterclasses

Decisions, values and change with a solution-focused lens are my “shtick”.

I run bespoke masterclasses for this, whether that is a lunch-and-learn, an impulse session for a team offsite or company event, or a module in your leadership offering.

Happy to share some examples, e.g. recently at Learning Technologies.

And yes, that can be fully virtually as well. I do that a lot. It works 🙂

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As an entrepreneur/start-up:

You have a strong vision or an inkling what that might be. You are an action-taker. You want to make a difference in the world based on your experience and what matters deeply to you and you want your business and operations to reflect this.  

You are an entrepreneur, about to start or significantly grow your business.

I support entrepreneurs in sharpening their vision based on their values, integrity and intuition, and support practical implementation in strategy workshops for different parts of the company (e.g. strategy, recruiting/talent promise, positioning), either with yourself or with you and your team(s), investors and other key stakeholders. This can include support on an ongoing basis in matters around culture, leadership and talent based on what we develop together.

And yes, this can be fully virtually as well. 

This is a highly bespoke offering. Let’s discuss!

Here is what my clients say.


As an organization:

You are undergoing change or are thinking about doing “something” to improve a situation. You might not attract or retain the right people or inclusion and diversity efforts might not come to fruition. You might have expanded rapidly or merged with another organization, and feel like you need to do a bit of internal “catching up” with yourself. Or you are looking for a next step and want to set up shop for that.

In short, change is afoot. Either responding to, or seeking of… Going deeper on values can provide a useful anchor for all of this, and this includes the use of ValueMatch diagnostics and tailored next steps that we implement together. If you are familiar with the book “reinventing organizations” and/or integral/holistic change — or curious about what this could look like and what this could do for your organization, let’s have a chat.

This is a highly bespoke offering. Let’s discuss!

Here is what my clients say.

Here is a session I did recently on inclusion.

This is what this could look like

(workshop photographs by Adam Dale “The Space Shooter”):




Some feedback from past participants:



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