Slightly dissatisfied or a bit bored? Make 2018 a better, more exciting year for yourself!

New programme starting soon – get in touch to stay in the loop!

Worried you might lose steam on all your beautiful new year’s resolutions?

Have a specific area of dissatisfaction in mind you want to tackle but don’t want to do this alone?

People often ask me for more affordable group programmes, so I created one.

In addition, when making change, a group adds insights and accountability.

Now is the perfect time to get going on this to start making those changes together with like-minded individuals.  

Here is the outline of the 3 session programme:

Session 1: Diagnose key areas of your life where you need change, and identify what change would help you the most right now (“The Big Thing” to tackle). First concrete implementation points.

Session 2: Get in touch with your core values as key source of fulfillment and identify steps to bring them more to the forefront in your life with regards to “The Big Thing”.

Session 3: Check-in on things implemented so far. Identify additional steps that need to happen and how you are going to go about it. What implementation pitfalls have you had in the past, or up to now; and how to defuse them. Which practical steps are you going to take to really nail this. Accountability and support you can draw from to ensure you stay the course.

And, as a bonus: This step-by-step process gives you a template how to make changes in the future so you can make this a regular practice. 
The nuts and bolts:
Group-based coaching programme on Monday nights, 7:30pm-9pm.
Cost: 249 GBP incl. VAT payable before the first session. This includes a brief 1:1 get-to-know call and a check-in one month after the programme.
 Inquire here for upcoming start dates.

Want to start sooner? Prefer weekend or would like a virtual program or doing work individually at a more flexible schedule? Ping me and let’s chat.



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