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What my clients say about me

You have reached a lot, but are dissatisfied (or a bit bored, really).
Decisions that looked really good on paper turned out to not be the source of satisfaction you were looking for, and that gnaws at you.

“But the numbers were perfect! It was the next step and I was so glad I got that opportunity!” I hear you say — and yet, you do not enjoy living with the results as much as you thought you would (be honest!).

What is missing?

From my experience, the key building blocks (in addition to getting the numbers right, you’ve got this nailed) are: Values, Intuition and Integrity.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You might find yourself doing things vastly differently at work vs. in your personal life (and you might think it’s slightly weird I’m pointing this out)
  • You sometimes notice a “gut feel” but are not sure what to do with it, how reliable it is, or you are not sure if and how to “go there” as you are not really “into that”
  • You are not sure where the point is where you should have put a peg in but maybe didn’t. Or had to backtrack and correct which cost you sleep and credibility
  • You felt hesitant to tell your partner or your best mate what you did/how you did it as it doesn’t fully sit right with you after all

These are all signs you might want to expand your range of decision making steps. Today is the perfect time. Get to know yourself and what drives you on a deeper level and learn tools to “go there” and back and make this a habit in the future. Expand your comfort zone a bit and with it your range of options.

What I offer:

Coaching for individuals, open group programs and for your organization: training, short masterclasses and more ongoing support – this can be tailored, let’s chat.

Nominated for the EMCC Global Coaching Award 2019. EMCC award - 2019 - banner - coaching - nominated

Why this? Why now?

We go deep:

By tapping into your values, intuition and integrity, you start making decisions that feel more like “you” and that increase the level of satisfaction you are getting out of them.

Values are what you live by, whether you are conscious of it or not. They help you figure out what right and wrong or better or worse look and feel like. They are also among the drivers of happiness (when fulfilled and respected) and your own bespoke version of hell when they are not. Intuition is a good way to keep tabs on how aligned you are, or where things start slipping. Often, this manifests in your body as a “gut feel”.  Integrity is the stuff that ties it all together and anchors it in your real world.

Having a process to tap into this gives you an unshakable compass for your decision-making and planning of next steps – professional and personal. Put the light back on in your eyes so you make the kind of decisions that truly make your business and personal life better and more sustainable – on your terms. Get to know your values-in-action, your gut feel, your intuition and the strength of your integrity.

We make it practical:

Learn processes and tools to do this process step by step. This will then allow you to run scenarios and experience the likely outcomes in action. We plan for impact in a way that is realistic and achieves results, and we find suitable ways to keep you accountable and create your own support structure to keep going with this. Whether this means helping to (re)light a fire in your heart, or under your “rear-end” (or both). Do you need to free up some space? What needs to shift? Where are you holding yourself back? How does your environment support that change? What else do you need?

In addition, this process will give you the tools to keep doing this yourself going forward so that your life stays vibrant and exciting. This is your life (only better).

A snapshot of what coaching can be like here.

What my clients say about me

The parameters:

  • Clear goals and commitments we develop together
  • Improvement in quality of life, professional and other areas of success along key metrics defined by you
  • Giving you the skills and tools to keep this going yourself and to have better conversations with your boss, your team and your friends/family as you start implementing changes
  • Predictable investment
  • Some more background information about the coaching process here
  • Group options available – ping me for details


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