I deliver masterclasses and short and snappy impulses (e.g. lunch&learn). Building on a first career as a journalist, I also enjoy writing columns, articles and interviews in English and German.

Topics range from leadership, inclusion/diversity, values, decisions and change.

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Also very passionate about new ways of learning, meeting and gathering – this started as a twitter chat and will now manifest in reality with a lovely virtual community: As a Barcamp in Zurich on June 7th – come join! Already really looking forward to this!

hobb poem

On a slightly different angle, I recently published a poem+illustration in this book, affiliated with the House of Beautiful Business. So pleased.

As for my writing, there are lots of projects in the works right now (various stages of review, or diarized but not out yet), so ping me if you are curious. Once they launch I’ll be shouting them from the rooftops 🙂

Preview of the book “The Decisive Edge”


Recent appearances/featured:

On the Social Media Team at Learning Technologies – tweet-reporting live from the conference in February 2019.

Guest blog at the Psychosynthesis trust: The Rough with the Smooth

Guest blog on “hope” at the Advent Blog series

IoD99 video startup secrets” here.

IoD99 video on Leadership, Organizational Development and Brexit” here. 

Instinct blog how to market yourself as a contractor” here.


My article series on the Life Coach Directory on personal development and coaching itself:

And of course I blog, right here. And on Medium.