I deliver masterclasses and short and snappy impulses (e.g. lunch&learn) and conference sessions. Building on a first career as a journalist, I also enjoy writing columns, articles and interviews in English and German and live twitter-report from conferences.

Topics range from leadership, inclusion/diversity, values, decisions and change.

And yes, that can be virtual as well. With other parts of my work portfolio I do online design stuff, so expect these to be fully up to scratch with where learning currently is and where it wants to go next. 

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DisruptHR in July


Recent appearances/featured: 

ChristineLocher_1240_Day1Learning Technologies 2020: Lunchtime session on Values and Decision Making.  Get your session resource pack here. 

INCLUSION in L&D: Evening session and some reflections  and more reflections

Podcast “Value Through Vulnerability” – full interview

Podcast “This Human Business” – Cultivating Business as a Garden

London Learning and Development co-work video

IoD99 video startup secrets” here.

IoD99 video on Leadership, Organizational Development and Brexit” here. 

Instinct blog how to market yourself as a contractor” here.

And, featured learning about (American) football here 😉 

Social Media work:

How to attend a conference you can’t go to (plus report from the Drucker Forum)

On the Social Media Team at Learning Technologies – tweet-reporting live from the conferences (e.g. in February 2019 and July 2019)

Tweet Chat facilitation, an example here from L&D Insight.