I coach and work with entrepreneurs and growing businesses.
Here is what my clients say.

Who am I: (never stop asking that question…)

London-based cosmopolitan, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, in the 5th half of my 20s, Experience on the corporate side and with startups, over a decade in high-pressure environments (3 of the top 5 consulting companies). Lots of work in tech, and unapologetically #TeamHuman

Avid reader, traveller and networker and crazy curious – balance of big-picture thinking with practical implementation for impact. I love working in projects.

How I work:

  • Trained Coach (ICF standard) since 2007. Degrees in systems thinking/change as well as communication/psychology and some other stuff that lends itself to nerdy conversations in a pub
  • Strong focus on values and purpose. We go deep and make it practical so you actually implement what matters the most
  • Topic expert for time management, project management, resilience and personal productivity at previous consulting employer with a good sense what is realistic and when it is worth pushing the envelope (I will push the envelope!)
  • High “BS-o-meter” paired with deep compassion. I do messy change for a living (I sometimes tell people I’m a “baggage handler” when they ask what I do). I’ve heard most of the excuses and I’ve been there myself; falling off the implementation wagon a few times trying to make significant shifts in life, or in business. Over the years, I found things that work – and I am going to share it with you so you can keep doing this yourself
  • Deep expertise in how humans learn and grow: Coaching, facilitation, own personal practice as well as licensure for psychotherapy in Germany (Heilpraktiker fuer Psychotherapie), drawing from a broad range of approaches
  • Deep expertise in Learning and Change on the corporate side, driving large-scale change initiatives, global rollouts and building up various parts of L&D from scratch and design and delivery of leadership training, workshop facilitation
  • I practice what I preach. Ongoing research and integration of new developments in the field and a vibrant community of practice. Continuing own training and coaching. Connect on  Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to these days.
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