Experienced change/transformation and L&D innovation leader with 10+ years’ experience in L&D in global professional services organizations and clients in a range of industries. Some examples and background here

I help organizations transform their L&D landscape. This often involves building up  entirely new types of offerings, introducing e-learning or social learning, transforming curricula to fully blended/social delivery, designing complex programs or curricula across a range of delivery formats.

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Some examples of my recent work:

Built up global L&D for a new employee group from scratch, headed up L&D departments and large global L&D and talent projects. I am best when driving change, introducing something new, taking things to the next level or help transforming how the organization sees learning and engages their talent.

Innovated L&D by introducing e-learning, blended and social learning and transforming existing curricula and help through that change process. I take a broad view of learning across all channels of delivery, from bite-sized interventions and job resources to program journeys spanning 12 months, and I ensure the parts work and they integrate to a meaningful landscape that brings results and engagement for the user and for the company

Design and deliver engaging learning experiences that engage people’s head, hands and heart to deliver sustained behavioural shifts. Thorough understanding of the needs and bespoke tailoring of interventions.

Drive change individually and on a whole organization level. Holistic view on systems, structures, culture and processes and broad experience in working with this to create lasting change and engagement. Experienced in complex global matrix organizations

Spread the word, create engagement building on experience from previous careers in journalism, internal communication and marketing to create engagement campaigns across a broad variety of channels

References and detailed examples available.

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