Living values: Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship? Endurance? What are your values? How do you make them an integral part of your decision making? Think of one of your core values. How fulfilled is it right now? What does that do to your life? What else could you do to make this flourish more?
If craftsmanship is one of yours (it is one of mine), what does a day look like that fosters craftsmanship and respect for it? How do you do that bit of work? Does this influence your lunch and food choices? Your after work shopping? How you interact with people? How you view expertise? How you respond to and make use of other people’s contributions? The feedback you give, the feedback you receive? I find a lot of nagging dissatisfaction I sometimes feel has to do with this value not getting proper attention. So I go and do something about it. How is this for you?
This is something I found over and over again in the work I do (as well as my personal life): When decisions are aligned with your values, they move your life towards more happiness and more fulfillment.

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