Clear line of sight

Where are we? Where do we go? What are safe paths, or obstacles along the way? When it comes to our own lives, often there are no maps, or none that we would consider valid. Some of the guiding lights from this journey have to come from within ourselves. Values are a good starting point.

They are the things you value (yes), what is important, what makes you YOU. They are where it hurts when stuff goes wrong, and where you become protective when it looks like it might go wrong.

Again, we are not looking for perfection. Let’s make it simple. Take a specific value (for example “craftsmanship”) and check in with yourself. How fulfilled is this value right now? How can you make this stronger, how can you have this value more represented in your life? What can you do today, next Monday? Keep it simple and actionable, just get this started.

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