Goal getting: Pick your surroundings

Your goal is connected to your life, of course. But it is in many ways an evolution from where your life is right now. This might still feel a million miles away. By choosing surroundings that support you you can help yourself stay the course and stay motivated.

A few pointers:`

Physical environment:

Where do you physically want to be? How do you want this to look, feel like? Is that a stretch for you or is that something you are already comfortable with? The body remembers stuff, and having physical experiences can help you stick with it and can motivate you. Let the surroundings inspire you. You might not be able to afford a fancy hotel quite yet, but you can probably have a cup of coffee there and soak up the vibe (and observe, and maybe meet a few people as well). I do a lot of my more “intellectual” writing in the British Library, it helps me get into that head space. And I have design-y places where I hang out when I need to be creative.



Surroundings also include people. Where can you find support? Who are your allies, your cheerleaders? (And who are the ones that always drag you down? – limit time with them as much as you can) What new networks do you have to find that reflect where you want to go? This can massively help you step into the future and start getting into the right conversations. As we make changes, often also our social circles change. That is key, you don’t have to do this alone, and not everybody needs to be in on every detail if they are very attached to your old self. So choose your messages and choose your company wisely in a way that supports you through this change.


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