How often do you have conversations about values at work? Is that a common practice in your teams? In my time on the corporate side, I occasionally heard the values of the company stated. Usually when they were violated and an example needed to be made. A lot less frequent have I experienced teams where values are openly talked about and shared in conversations as a base for working together.

Doing this implicitly is a good start (your values as a leader will always shine through anyway). Even better if you can invite open conversations. “What is it we want to create?” “Why?” “How do we want to go about this together?” “If X is one of our key values, what does that mean for the decision about Y”.

Things will still go wrong from time to time, there will be misunderstandings, wrong decisions and things derailing. But conversations about values help create a stable trust base. Let your values guide the way (success and integrity are two of mine  that I had conversations around). In times when the going gets rough, you are going to be glad you initiated these. 

What is your experience to have these kind of conversations in your teams? Did it make a difference? What would have helped you breach the subject?
Share examples what worked for you.

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