Afraid to lose your holiday mojo?

Don't want to slide back into your old habits? Want to keep that holiday glow and bounciness? I offer a 3 hour coaching package (flexible scheduling) to help you.


You have reached a lot, but are dissatisfied (or a bit bored, really). Decisions that looked really good on paper didn't turn out to be all that great. You feel a bit empty. Let's put your vision and values back at the center and take some concrete action steps to making them real!

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Entrepreneur Coaching

You want to make a difference in the world based on your experience and what matters most to you. You take action. I help put your core values at the center of the business you are looking to build and to inspire others with it.

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Book: The Decisive Edge

Grounded in research and coaching practice.
Filling the gap in many leaders’ decision making. Going beyond decisions that look good on paper to decisions that feel good for the longer-term.
Work sheets and interviews with leaders.

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L & D Consulting

Experienced change/transformation and L&D innovation leader with 10+ years’ experience in global orgs/matrix (top 5 consulting).
Interim management, design, delivery, e-learning/ blended learning, social learning transformation, roll-outs.

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I coach dissatisfied high-flyers to make decisions they actually enjoy living with.


Go beyond decisions that “look good on paper” and learn how to leverage your values, intuition and integrity. Broaden and deepen your repertoire. This provides you with an unshakable compass for your decision-making and makes it easier for you to rally the troops around your goals and deliverables. (Book to launch in autumn). Learn more…

uthor of the upcoming book “the Decisive Edge – how exceptional leaders act on their values, intuition and integrity to make better decisions and increase impact” — launch Autunm 2017 – Sign up for updates and launch information!


I am a Learning and Change leader with 10+ years experience in global professional services organizations and with clients in a range of industries. I consult with companies on L&D projects on transformation towards more integrated, blended and social learning experiences. If your organization is ready for change, I am happy to help figuring out what would fit the needs best and in making it happen. Learn more…


I am a global soul, foodie, writer and lover of the arts, and I am constantly deepening and expanding my own practice. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what I’m currently playing with.

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