I work with individuals and startups, and also run masterclasses for bigger organizations. I love contributing to panel discussions or social gatherings with the topics I am passionate about and I write a lot.

Guest Blog for the 2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum: Using Values as common guidelines for action in complex ecosystems

First book out here:

Values are front and center to what I do and form the backbone of all my offerings. They are key to happiness and satisfaction and provide a very useful compass to add the “nonmetrical” dimension to making better decisions (get your free workbook here). Whether that is supporting a career change, helping somebody to get more satisfaction out of life, or helping an entrepreneur shape a business according to the vision.

Decisions are how things get real, and the better aligned they are with who you are and what you want to create in life, the clearer the direction will be. I am currently in the last stretches of writing a book about this.

To support you all in your journeys I create a lot of content. Check out my recommended resources. A lot of articles are freely available on my blog and in various other outlets. Just published a poem on Beautiful Business which I am very pleased about.

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