Big hairy decision looming? Don't do it alone. Book a decision clinic.

Do you make decisions that look good on paper but feel awful to live with? Any tummy rumbles about an upcoming one? I offer a one session "decision clinic" to help you broaden your view and take a decision that you can live with.


You have reached a lot, but are dissatisfied (or a bit bored, really). Decisions that looked really good on paper didn't turn out to be all that great. You feel a bit empty. Let's put your vision and values back at the center and take some concrete action steps to making them real!

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Entrepreneur and Team Coaching

You want to make a difference in the world based on your experience and what matters most to you. You take action. I help put your core values at the center of the business you are looking to build and to inspire others with it.

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Book: The Decisive Edge

Grounded in research and coaching practice.
Filling the gap in many leaders’ decision making. Going beyond decisions that look good on paper to decisions that feel good for the longer-term.
Work sheets and interviews with leaders.

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I enjoy working out loud and am a member of a vibrant community of practice and I enjoy working out loud. A lot of the posts are aimed to help reflection and practical application of concepts I work with - check them out and let me know how you get on with applying.

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